Friday, October 29, 2010

AUDITIONS for Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent

The British got talent will arrive to Liverpool for the first time. The Liverpool is one of best six audition venues in Britain.

The TV programme which launched the careers of Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Warrington dancer George Sampson, the 2008 winner, will arrive in the ECHO arena on November 13 and 14.The champion of each succession receives £100,000 and is given the grand chance to execute at the Royal Variety Performance.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheryl Cole first rejected 'X Factor' role

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole-X –factor judge

Cheryl Cole primarily discarded Simon Cowell when he asked her to be a judge on The X Factor.

She officially said to the magazine: "When Simon first asked me to do The X Factor, I said, 'Never for all the tea in China will I do The X Factor'. She said that she did not want to judge those aspirant singers but soon realized that it was a good chance to assist them. But then I realized about those people, I just step into the audition to guide those singers. Cole added that she frequently looks to beneficiary judge Cowell for recommendation on the show.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cher Lloyd is cool

The top finalist of x-factor auditions Cher Lloyd

Cher LloydShe is legitimately cool after facing the audition a clarification for their choice comes in the appearance of a blog by self-employed journalist Jamie Hodgson, written after her first audition.

He wrote: “she did an accustomed romantic X Factor boxes: dramatic, individual voice, lovable and attractive behavior, astonishing occurrence and liberation, immense back-story.“But it was the foremost time I’ve seen an audition that truly felt pertinent and in stroke with electrifying flouting music cultures.”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karaok! K Battle

In a bid to get seniors off their feet and spend quality time bonding with their families, the People's Association (PA) Active Ageing Council and StarHub will be jointly organising its first ever karaoke competition in Singapore! This is going to be one of the biggest karaoke competitions in Singapore this year. Through this event, both organisers hope to reach out to more residents who are interested in singing to come together and and share this common interest with one another.


Audition Date and Venue


  • Group A: 16 to 30 years old* / Saturday, 23 Oct 2010, Anchorvale CC

  • Group B: 31 to 49 years old * / Sunday, 24 Oct 2010, Gek Poh Ville CC

  • Group C: 50 years old and above* / Saturday, 30 Oct 2010, Ang Mo Kio CC

  • Group D: 2 or more family members with one member 50 years old and above. Maximum of 8 members.Sunday, 31 Oct 2010, Sengkang CC

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nigerian idol judges

Nigerian idol

A few weeks back, an media launch, the panel at Optima Media faction announced tactics for auditions in Enugu, Abuja, Calabar and Lagos and auditions for the worldwide prime melody contract essential show blastered in Enugu on October 9 , 2010, The judges took up the brilliant job and selected the most outstanding and less endowed professionals. Auditions persist in Calabar this week. The final sets of auditions are going to rock in Lagos on October 29, 30 and 31.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mire Kapa

Mire KapaThe Mire Kapa (Dancer of the Year for this year will be happening in May. The Ministry of Cultural Development are in the process of preparing for the event sending out information packs and registration forms for keen Cook Islands dancers to join the event. A new criteria is being introduced where the dancers are to be auditioned and the top six dancers in both female and male sections will go into the finals. The three categories of: Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors are to be auditioned. The competition for this year is being concentrated on the national dancers only i.e. dancers residing in the Cook Islands. For more information, please contact Mauri Toa at the Ministry of Culture on ph:20725 or fax:23725.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midwest theatre audition


General auditions begin at 8:30 a.m. each day. Callbacks will be held the afternoon and evening of the same day. Each auditionee will have a one-and-a-half-minute time frame to present one or two pieces. At least one piece must be non-musical. Musical pieces are encouraged for those wishing to be considered for musicals. An accompanist will be provided.


Dance auditions are optional and will be held each day following the general auditions.


Equity and non-equity actors may reserve an audition time by submitting the application form. Times will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. A $40.00 non-refundable registration fee and a self addressed, stamped business envelope must be postmarked no later than December 10, 2010. Applicants will be notified by mail with a confirmed audition date and time.


All applicants should bring copies of their résumés and pictures to the auditions for callbacks. Do not submit résumés and head shots with applications, please.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bling Ya Ting

Bling Ya Ting

You are invited to the third 'Bling Ya Ting' – a showcase event uniting local talent.The next free event will be held in spring 2011.

The last show was a success, with over 500 participants (performers and audience) and a judge from a major arts-management agency. Some of our local talent has been spotted. The event is being run in conjuction with Cultural Arts United, a Cambridge-based social enterprise initiative


The aim of the talent show is to bring together different ethnic backgrounds, ages, faiths, and people from rural and urban areas.The show will unite, discover, develop and showcase local talent with a focus on urban and world themes.This is a fantastic opportunity to bring people from different backgrounds together to celebrate the diversity of Cambridge.

Due to the high interest in the show we have an audition date to allow for full participation but also to raise the quality of the final acts.

Auditions will be held at the Meadows Community Centre on Sunday 31 October 2010. There is no charge to enter the talent show.The deadline for entry is Sunday 10 October 2010.


If you would like more information or have a question about the show please 01223 457876.

Monday, October 18, 2010

‘The Nutcracker’ auditions

The Moscow Ballet will clutch unlock auditions for the Great Russian Nutcracker

Date and Time: October 23 at 10 AM

Venue: Center Stage Dance Studio, 38 L Rosscraggon Rd. in Asheville

Rules: participants must dress in dance dress and bring Pointe shoes for the audition.

All the dance school students are invited to attend the auditions, the participants must have the familiarity and they should be between 7 to 16 years old. The selected candidates will perform in the Great Russian Nutcracker at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 21.

Moscow Ballet soloist and teacher, Svetlana Todinova will guide the chosen candidate in rehearsals.

Ring up Jen Applegate 800-654-7010 for more information

Friday, October 15, 2010

Paula Abdul Auditions

Paula Abdul
Many people’s crooked out in New York for Paula Abdul’s new TV show, "Live to Dance,"

Paula said “This is not like any other dance show, surely it will be something different” because it is open to all "From 5 to 105-years-old... it's for the young ones at heart."

Looking back at her first life audition, she laughed and said it was for the "The Gong Show." "I was wearing red, white and blue... I was performing You’re a Grand Old Flag,"

Surely it will be a good season for everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Idol' Auditions started

idol audition

The new American judges - Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson have started their job. Two cities into their season 10 audition tours, fresh judges Tyler and Lopez also talked about how they were moving to their new jobs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland

The Players of the Malvern Theatre are holding auditions for their Christmas making -Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland.

The play, which will be fired at Malvern Theaters in January and it, is personalized by Amelia Mariette, who has previously provided the Players with their reputable version of The Revenger's Tragedy and the previous year successful comedy Nay, Remember Me!

The construction promises to be a thrilling and visually-exciting skill, capitalizing on the outstanding methodological services offered by the discussion.

  • Date and Timings - October 25 and October 28, at 7.30 PM

  • Venue- Coach House Theatre, Grange Road
alice in wonderland
The openings are enormous, because it requires lot of adult people in the major roles. There will be an opportunity for the young champ to guide the sustaining roles such as soldiers, animals and birds.

Ring to Chris Bassett on 01684 569011 for the audition dates.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Auditions By Bay city Players for “WAIT FOR DARK”

Bay City Players is having auditions for their upcoming production; we have to wait for that till November 15th & 16th by the time of 7:00 p.m. The auditions will held at Bay City Players, 1214 Columbus Avenue, in Bay City.

This is directed by Elizabeth Dewey.
The dates for the performance are from January 14th - 16th & 20th - 23rd, 2011.

Director Elizabeth Dewey is keenly looking out for the following roles:

  • 1 woman for acting in the role of “late 20's to mid 30's”
  • 1 young girl for acting as “a girl age 9” and
  • 6 men to act as “mid 20's to early 50's”

THE PLOT: This was just a gift to her husband which was brought from Europe - so she thought. Here some of the strangers want it badly. Then here one from them will stop by not getting anything. What will be the blind women doing?? For this the answer is, “we have to WAIT UNTIL DARK”. A breath-catching ambiguity by Frederick Knot.

Only Limited scripts will be available for check-out from the theatre office i.e.; Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm for a $10 refundable deposit. For further information for the interesting audition contact the office on Monday till Friday from 9am to 1pm - (989) 893-5555.

Got to wait until the Dark has slightly longer than any other normal audition period for a direct show since the production time includes December holidays too. Dates for rehearsal will be flexible enough. This might takes place especially in Dec. 19 - Dec 29 period.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wild Horse auditions open Oct. 16

Wild Horse Children's Theater announces auditions for the youth touring company production of “Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans: A Salsa Fairy Tale.”

Date and Timings-October 16 1 to 3 PM

Venue- Children's Museum of Northern Neva-da

Age Limit-12-18

Openings-8 to 10

Cinderella (Cenicienta) must be bilingual Spanish/English speaking. Rehearsals will be one day a week starting in October and will be determined by the actors' and director's schedules.

The people who are interested in audition should bring a dumpy, fashionable monologue.The candidates should be on time for photography and to fill out their forms.

This construction is part of Wild Horse Children's Theater's Educational Outreach program and is funded in part by the Nevada Arts Commission and Best Buy Community Grants.

To schedule an audition time, call the Wild Horse office at 775-887-0438

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'America's Got Talent' holding Denver auditions

If you can sing, dance or manage everything where someone else would portray as a talent, then this is your turn now.

The producers of "America's Got Talent" want to meet you this weekend.

Open challenges are being held on Saturday and Sunday at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel

You are optimistic to sign up for Sunday, because they are already full for Saturday.


Friday, October 8, 2010


The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht

  • Music - Kurt Weill

  • Directed - Betty Bernhard

  • Music Direction - Michael Lamkin

Auditions (Seaver Theatre)

November 29 & 30 at 6pm(further auditions will be held in the Spring semester TBD)

For Auditions:

Music and scenes will be assigned by the directors. Materials will be available early in the fall semester.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

X Factor Audition

This is one of the major issues in the current status

After the rejection of Annastasia Baker by Cheryl Cole for the second time, she unbinds her ferocity and implicates the X Factor judges of deciding on their top three finalists before even seeing the auditions.

While Katie Waissel, 24, and Cher Lloyd, 17, were chosen alongside Rebecca Ferguson, 23 to become finalists.

Annastasia was thrown off while Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel where present in the judges' houses.

The mother-of-one, who was also rejected from X Factor in 2008, said: 'I’ve been to Cheryl’s house before and clubbed up like Cher and Katie. But anybody who was thrown up in 2008 didn’t get through. It’s like they’ve made their decisions.

Baker also recommended that the show might be ‘a fix’, after deciding that finalist Katie Waissel ‘knew everything’ about which judge they were getting and where they were going for the judges’ houses round.

Baker said that Cheryl had no feeling when giving her the news and despite she didn’t say anything about the bad auditions which were given by her.

Now Annastasia’s dreams have been spoiled in the audition

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Aspiring actors audition


One hundred and thirty six University of Iowa students participated in the first round of auditions for University Theatre’s fall production schedule. Excitement and nervousness were palpable in the off-Broadway air as students prepped for the auditions. The University Theatre Mainstage Season opens with George Bernard Shaw’s Misalliance in Mabie Theatre Oct 8-17.

FPAC slates open auditions for Tis the Season!

The Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC) will hold unlock auditions for its trendy production of 'Tis the Season!'

Date ant Timings: Wednesday Oct. 6, 7 p.m., for adults and students who cannot attend the Saturday audition.

Oct. 9 auditions age and timings

Age 6-8: 11 AM

Age 9-11: 11:45 AM

Age 12-13: 12:30 PM

Ag 14 and up: 1:30 PM

Age 6-11, must get ready 16 bars of any age-suitable song and Age 12 must prepare 16 bars of any up-tempo song. FPAC are “apprentice gracious.” Children, teen and adult performers are welcome.

It will be on show on Dec. 18 and 19 at 2 and 7:30 PM and Dec. 19 at 2 PM at the Thomas D. Mercer Auditorium.

The holiday box office for Tis the Season! And FPAC’s production of The Nutcracker opens Oct. 18.

For more information or to purchase tickets call 508-528-28787 or visit the Box Office at The Spotlight Shop 34 Main St., in Franklin.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Noisy by Choice Concert Hip-Hop Auditions

Auditions for the Noisy by Choice concert will be held at Burwood RSL on October 23.

The popular event is for young people aged 14 - 24. The theme this year is hip-hop. We are looking for hip-hop artists and dancers,as well as break dancers to audition.

We want to see your crunches, flips, grooves and moves plus anything else you canbring. Successful performers at the auditions will go on to the Noisy by Choice celebration on December 18.

Burwood Mayor John Sidoti said young people have much to offer the arts and culture of Australia and Noisy by Choice isa great opportunity to showcase the talent of the youth from the Inner West. The event is presented by Burwood Council in association with Q2 Dance.

  • When: Saturday 23 October
  • Where: Burwood RSL Club
To book in an audition time contact Burwood Council on 9911 9911

Friday, October 1, 2010

Maria de Buenos Aires

An opera by Astor Piazzolla. Lyrics and text by Horacio Ferrer.

A co-production by Leigh Warren & Dancers and The State Opera of South Australia.

The Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre 7.30pm 15, 16, 19-23 October 2010

  • Director & Choreographer: Leigh Warren
  • Music Director: Timothy Sexton
  • Set & Lighting Designer: Nigel Levings
  • Costume Designer: Kathryn Sproul

Sung in Spanish, Piazzolla's ‘tango opera’ Maria de Buenos Aires journeys deep into the nightlife and underworld of Buenos Aires. Its surrealist style engages actors, singers, magicians and tango dancers in a heady cocktail of hedonism, sex and death.

Tickets: $49 adults, $39

Book at BASS 131 246