Friday, January 21, 2011

Music Auditions

Music Auditions

The UNO Department of Music has two types of auditions. All prospective music majors must audition on their major instrument in order to be music major, in education or performance. Ideally, these auditions take place in the fall or spring semester for students who will matriculate in the following fall semester. Students who plan on starting spring semester should perform their audition during the preceding fall semester. For these auditions, two pieces of contrasting musical styles or periods are required to be performed for two or more UNO faculty members. For more information or to schedule admittance audition contact Shellie Harden at, or call Shellie at 402-554-2177.

Dates: February 7 and march 7 2011

Please contact Shellie Harden at to schedule an audition for one of these dates, or to schedule an alternative date

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