Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Audition

music auditions

All auditionees should perform a piece (or pieces) of their choice that best demonstrates their technical and musical skill in fast technical and slow/ lyrical music.

The next auditions will take place in May 2011. Online scheduling will begin 1 May.

May 25th - 27th String auditions
May 25th: Southern Maine Children's Choir, Flute, Oboe & Bassoon Auditions
May 26th: Southern Maine Children's Choir, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Harp Auditions
May 27th: Brass & Percussion Auditions

About Your Audition

Auditions are approximately 8 minutes in length and will consist of a prepared piece(s) of the applicant’s choice. You may perform two different works or movements, or two portions of one work. The prepared piece(s) should be from your instrument’s standard repertory and demonstrate slow, lyrical playing and faster, more technical playing. The piece(s) should demonstrate command of the elements listed under “requirements.” Please consult with your private instructor if you have questions about what is considered standard repertory.


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