Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Dane Cook Considered for "Captain America"

Dane Cook for Audition
It’s not definite what's going on with the "Captain America" casting. Marvel has previously confirmed the listing of actors they are considering for the lead role, but we're still receiving other people revealing that they auditioned and still waiting for the results.

One of these people is Dane Cook. He just updated his Twitter account with the following message: "I'm minus 7% body fat now, bones replaced w/lightweight scandium alloy! Had to get shredded (pictured) for Captain America audition and standup tour."

And it doesn't sound like he's joking, because when a fan asked if he is really going to audition, Cook replied: "I did already. They might be going young. I say go RDJr route - give me the part!"

What's strange is that at first we received a list of about six actors who are being considered to play Captain America. Since then a bunch of them have heard that they did not get the part. So if they got a "no thank you" response, how come Cook hasn't yet?

Maybe he didn't audition for the lead. But that's not likely since he mentioned going the RDJr route, referring to Robert Downey Jr being hired for "Iron Man."

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