Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Indian Idol Auditions Start Off With a Charge

Indian Idol 5 2010 Auditions
Almost 12 people were hurt with fractures and head injuries as frantic Indian Idol Contestants tired of waiting, rushed in to get to the auditions before the others.

The ‘Indian Idol’ auditions that kicked off at Delhi yesterday had an ugly start due to the dash. The organizers had apparently expected 2000 contestants and 40000 turned up. 20 times the expected number! The occasion took place in sector 62 at the Expo Mart.

The contestants had been waiting for quite a while and lost their self-control when the gate was opened. They rushed inside frenziedly. Superintendent of Police A.K. Tripathi said, "The entry to the place was opened initially for 100 candidates. But many more rushed in, resulting in a rush."

60 bouncers and 15 policemen were deployed to manage the crowd but the crowd was way beyond their control. It is now being called a case of carelessness on the part of the organizers. Deepak Agarwal, District magistrate, said "Action would be taken against the organizers if any slackness is found."

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