Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giraldi in the casting calls for the auditions

jake-and-vienna- red carpet auditions
Jake Pavelka may have laid his dancing shoes away but he’s still enjoying the perks Hollywood has to offer with his girl, Vienna Giraldi. Yesterday, Jake and Vienna be there for the red carpet premiere of “Letters to Juliet.” The Bachelor couple gave it two thumbs up and Jake chirruped afterward, that he thought his female fans would love the film.

Now that the couple has their whole life ahead of them, it’s reported they are taking a well needed holiday to Hawaii. Afterward, will they be headed back to Dallas to start their life together? Maybe.

If you follow the couple on Twitter, it seems Jake and Vienna has been bitten by the acting bug and they are both going out on casting calls. Vienna recently tweeted she did a photo shoot for Tyler Rose Swimwear and was going on an audition. Vienna, with her own star desires, would actually make a great pin up or bikini model. Would Jake mind? I think every guy has a Playboy or bikini model fantasy.

The next big step for the couple is wedding plans. Will they make it to the altar? They absolutely seem in love and since they both share Hollywood aspirations, they seem to be cosmically in refrain.

Astrologically, the next two years the stars will be shining bright for Jake an Aquarius and Vienna a Gemini. They need to take advantage of everything Hollywood has to offer now, otherwise their time could pass. If their smart, they will take ABC’s offer to get married on TV. What will they earn? If sources are correct, a cool million dollars. Not bad for the most important day in your life. Stay tuned.

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