Thursday, September 9, 2010


The South African ballet theater is going to conduct a ballet audition for all the ballet dancers where the main reason to conduct this type of audition is? Any guess! The South African Ballet Theater (SABT) 2011 Graduate Program-me will be held in next month that is on October 9 at 10 PM .This is enthusiastic news.

This is a ballet audition so the candidates should be dressed suitably in ballet stuff. Costumes are more important for the participants where the ladies should wear pink tights, point shoes and leotards, boys should wear tights and T-shirts. The costume is given much imperative because the judges need to clearly view them form the panel.

This graduate program-me offer many schemes too youthful part time dancers, where these peoples get the chance to work for either 6 months or1 year with a proficient ballet corporation and knowledge first-hand the profession of a expert ballet dancer. The main concept of this program-me is that they want the people to be professionally skilled in the world.

After the successful completion of the graduate, the candidate will participate in classes, rehearsals and productions of a high professional standard, produced by the SABT. The peoples who have completed the course will get the effect on it.

Graduates are required to present a research project connected to the SABT’s seasons. The Graduation Program-me fees total R 3 000 per quarter or R 12 000 for the entire year.

VENUE: The South African Ballet Theater (SABT) studios at the Joburg Theater, Hoofd Street, Braamfontein.

Applicants are asked to provide a one-page CV for the audition

For additional clarification and to register ring up to Edgar Moagi on 011-877-6898.

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