Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ACTT Late Round Auditions


The Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT) is holding ‘Late Round’ auditions for the Certificate IV in Music Theatre during the week from 6 January to 12 January.

6 – 12 January 2011 – Music Theatre Performer
Submit your application now!

Aspiring music theatre performers with talent, determination to succeed are encouraged to contact ACTT to get in touch before the 2011 auditions start on 6 January. Applicants can download guidelines from the ACTT website. They should have sheet music prepared for an up-tempo song and a ballad and should have a well-rehearsed acting monologue.

If they have already prepared an Audition Piece for another major college they can re-use it at ACTT!All auditionees receive individual feedback and advice from senior Directors to help them in their prospective career.

Anyone interested should call 02 9213 4500

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