Monday, December 27, 2010

Live to dance - Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is ready to bring her new reality series to CBS in the week’s ahead. The singer and dancer are having some entertainment with her new show, Live To Dance. This show is set to opening on CBS on January 4, 2011. . For auditions, she introduced great called 'dance domes' for the performers to dance in. That is absolutely new! Just earlier this week, the first Live To Dance sample hit the Internet, and Paula Abdul certainly looks ready to take on the new series.

Paul Abdul said “All I can say for right now is that I’m focused on Live to Dance. Whatever happens down the road, none of us are to say. But I adore Simon [Cowell], and we’ve stayed pretty close."

Live to dance and idol is both reality competitions, but there are different people involved. Time will tell if this series is a strike and can take on the series American Idol is promising to be for season ten.

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