Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Aspirant Aged 14 Has Been Sleeted As The New Duffy After Wowing Judges At The Britain's Got Talent Auditions

Duffy singing Auditions
Katie Thornett was one of the few acts to get a standing applause from the 3,000-strong audience in London.

She also received rant reviews from the judges.

The teenager, who has posted videos of herself singing on the internet in a bid to find recognition, sang Etta James' At Last, which Beyonce performed at President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Simon Cowell has slated this year's auditions as some of the worst ever and threatened not to return next year because they were so bad.

But Katie, of Havering, Essex, was a unusual shining light - and was sent straight through to the next round.

Amanda Holden compared her with Welsh chart-topper Duffy. She told her: "I loved it. You have a lovely quality to your voice - a bit Duffy-esque with that 60s sound."

Piers Morgan added: "To sing like that for your first audition was unbelievable."

Simon told her: "You started the song great, but you ran out of puff half-way through."

Katie, who has won previous singing contests, told the judges: "I just want to show you and other people my talent."

An insider said: "The judges were impressed with Katie after so many terrible acts."

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