Sunday, February 14, 2010

Danielle Campbell the Disney’s newest innovation! Catch Her On Star Struck Tonight!

Star Struck Auditions
Danielle Campbell is all set to compose her debut Disney Movie Star Struck which is to first show on 14th February 2010 Sunday. Sterling Knight is also starring in the film which is Disney’s original movie.

Auditions for Disney and Just Jared Jr. are two of the resources which report that the premiere of the Disney movie “StarStruck”. It is going to premiere on 14th February 2010 and the ‘discovered-at-salon’ girl Danielle Campbell is starring in it. She is 15years old.

Sun Times reports that Danielle Campbell is the girl who must be thanking her visit to the Chicago’s Buzz Salon which made her eminent. It is reported that she had gone to the salon with her mother when a manager approached her for the auditions and she did Build-a-Bear Workshop commercial with them.

As there was no looking back for her as she was taken by Disney for their original movie “Star Struck”. In the movie, she plays a Midwestern girl who meets Sterling Knight in Los Angeles.

Danielle Campbell’s real life story is no way different from a Disney story. The teenage, blue-eyed brunette has many abilities further than acting which she tried out at the age of 10. She sings and dances well and most importantly can shine in whatever she takes part!

Danielle lives with her parents John and Georganne, her brother called Johny and her three dogs.

Appreciation to Disney that we are gonna have another bouquet of talent named Danielle Campbell who could easily be named as “the next Miley Cyrus”!

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