Monday, February 15, 2010

Fresh Creative Director for Ballet School Auditioning In Sudbury for the First Time

Auditions for Dancing
The Quinte Ballet School of Canada (QBSC) is getting on the second leg of its International Audition expedition. The tour starts in Toronto on February 13 and for the first time, will be coming to Sudbury on February 20, 2010. From there they will be going to Montreal on February 25, Quebec City on February 26, and Ottawa February 28 and will be casing up on home turf in Belleville on March 27, 2010.

Auditions are open to students between the ages of 10 and 20 who are seeking approval into QBSC’s Professional Training Program.

Newly appointed Artistic Director John Ottmann has been implementing his new ideas for QBSC from the instant he accepted the position. He began by rounding out the faculty for the 2009 Summer School with international guest artists from New York, Montreal, Toronto, Texas and Italy. “I’m energized to be building on the excellence for which QBSC is known as we take the school in new directions,” says Mr. Ottmann. “We are innovating the dance curriculum in a new manner and instilling a new move towards to train and develop the young dancers who are inspired, versatile and world-class performers.”

“It’s electrifying to see the growth and enthusiasm surrounding John’s appointment at the School,” says QBSC Co-Chair, Judy Atkinson. “Mr. Ottmann has been receiving hold up from far and wide as impetus builds for the future of QBSC.”

Mr. Ottmann used up his formative years in studying classical ballet at L’Ecole Superieur du Quebec and the National Ballet School. After spending one year dancing in the National Ballet of Canada, he moved to Vancouver and spent 15 years developing an extensive dance career. From there he toured and performed comprehensively with Ballet B.C. He also performed with Danstabat, Holy Body Tatoo, and Mascall Dance and formed the dance collective “Quroum” which formed an East/West cultural exchange from Vancouver to Montreal. As a teacher, choreographer and tutor Mr. Ottmann trained for many schools and institutions in B.C. including Ballet B.C. , Arts Umbrella, Harbour Dance Centre, Simon Fraser University , Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts and Richmond Academy.

The Quinte Ballet School of Canada is one of Canada’s greatest full-time professional ballet schools, based in Belleville, Ontario. Led by Artistic Director John Ottmann, the School provides an innovative and flexible dance curriculum, which is grounded in classical ballet technique. QBSC is committed to providing an inspiring, challenging and loyal atmosphere that cherishes talented young people to become world-class professional dancers. Graduates of the School perform in Major Canadian and international dance companies.

Also on the faculty of QBSC is Valerie Scannura who is Principal of the Umbrella Dance Program. Valerie is from Sudbury and suggested Sudbury as a city of interest for the auditions. Valerie previously studied ballet and modern dance at the Arts Guild Dance Theater which became the Sudbury School of Dance directed by Denise Vitali. QBSC has received positive curiosity from Ms. Vitali and is looking forward to establishing an on-going association with the Sudbury School of Dance. QBSC’s new mandate is to audition in new centers like Sudbury with the objective in inspiring students to try our summer school and expose themselves to international teachers.

The Sudbury auditions will take place on Sunday, February 20th from 12 – 1:30pm at the Sudbury School of Dance, 166 Pine Street. To preserve your space in the audition please contact the Quinte Ballet School at 1-888-962-9274 or This month QBSC is launching a new online audition option for students. A first of its kinds, this alternative is not only for dancers who are incapable to attend one of the scheduled auditions, but also affords dancers with a new and exhilarating experience for auditioning online. Further information and user-friendly tutorials are available at All audition dates, locations, times and registration information are presented on the website.

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