Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unsullied Hot Vampire Nina Dobrev In Between Life and Death


Modeling careers led to commercial, which then turned into film auditions. Shortly thereafter, she booked characters in feature films, including Fugitive Pieces, Away from Her, Never Cry Werewolf, and the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. She also was in an MTV movie called The American Mall on CTV. She is currently starring in The CW's drama The Vampire Diaries, playing the dual role of Elena Gilbert, a human who is caught between two vampire brothers, and Elena's doppelgänger Katherine Pierce, a vampire that the same brothers each loved while they were still human during the American Civil War.

ampires Diaries star Nina Dobrev when we asked her if it's true that she and her self-proclaimed awesome pack of costars, like sexy Paul Wesley and even sexier Ian Somerhalder, spend all of their downtime with each other.

Nina is clearly naturally thin, but the snug bra top steers her into Frail Town, which is not a great neighborhood and frankly doesn't have ANY decent restaurants. It's also all a tiny bit too-everything: Too short, too snug, too bra-like, too random, too Vampires on Ice. Because, yes, that's illusion netting up there.

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